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Stories that inform, evoke emotions, and drive business – just ask us.

Public Works is a commercial story designers. We makes and manages meaningful stories for businesses and identified markets; stories that appeal to human emotions, and deliver outcomes, through the processes and methods of making information more anthropomorphic and relatable as stories.

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Stories speak to people shaped by cultures, emotions, and desires. A well-told story can successfully bridge the consumers’ histories, needs, wants, identities, and values with products and services of a business. After all, stories are one of the oldest methods used by people to make sense of life. Stories make the foundations of memory, are elemental to transferring knowledge, and are impossible to live without. That’s why we think stories are the perfect tool to help consumers and businesses connect to one another

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Our methodology

With our roots in design thinking, our approach to briefs is through problem solving; As storytellers, our solutions are always built through the perspective of a narrative that resonates with an identified group. With our ability to empathise with audiences and our experience derived from over a decade of storytelling, the stories we create are the kind that build consciously thought-out connections.


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