What's in the name Public Works?


Public Works is where our work in storytelling through spaces is published for targeted consumers as retail and living experiences.  As a consultancy, it represents how the knowledge gathered from our concept stores and retail-consumer exchanges is made accessible to the public.

​Where are your concept stores located?

Currently, Public Works presents three live-in concept stores in Colombo 4, Mount Lavinia and Kabalana in Sri Lanka. Our next concept store will be in Nova Scotia, Canada.​

​​How do the products at the store connect to your story?

The products discovered at our concept stores are always connected to ideologies, emotions, people, stories or histories connected to each space. They are sourced through partners and co-creators around the world, prioritising sustainable materials and methods.

​​What does Public Works take on as consultancy work?

Our specialty is in articulating clients' services and brands in connection to a space. This includes translating brands to spaces, brand strategy, creative concepts, brand identity design, brand audits, editorial design, way-finding systems, books and immersive experiences.

​What's your consultancy work process?

After getting a thorough understanding of what our client needs, we will estimate the project time and cost. Upon agreement, research and synthesis will begin. Our solutions do not include multiple options. We only deliver our best solution. 

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