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A story about magic

A few days before making this video, Alain Parizeau posted four pictures to his Instagram. Each image had a story of its own;

  1. Picture: A collection of assorted tape rolls in a box. A story about change Veeram rasa.

  2. Picture: A postcard with a holographic image of the Hindu Goddess Saraswathi. A story about magic, with a Adbhutam rasa.

  3. Picture: One box of matches. A dark story, with a Bhayānakam rasa.

  4. Picture: The inside cover of a notebook. A story about a family (Kāruṇyam)

The majority of comments asked for a Magic story.

Here it is. Enjoy.


This is story was designed for Instagram and Facebook platforms. Click here to view original posted story.


About the author: Alain Parizeau

As a designer and brand articulation specialist, Alain has gained a reputation for helping businesses from around the world to develop and restructure communication systematically and effectively. From redesigning magazines, to developing wayfinding systems, Alain’s direction has helped North American and South Asian companies align their brand communications and business goals with their target audiences.

Some of his business logos, editorial spreads, and packaging design work has been featured in international graphic design publications such as Coupe Magazine and How Magazine. Sri Lankan national newspapers like the DailyFT, and the Daily Mirror regularly featured some of his design workshops and seminar takeaways. Parallel to this, he has been a speaker on design, branding, and typography at festivals and conferences such as Sri Lanka Design Festival, UX Colombo, Maldives Marketing Forum, and Disrupt Asia. He was a senior lecturer and head of the visual communication department at AOD in Colombo for 10 years; Here, his strongest asset was his ability to observe and understand the various cultural, social, and behavioural differences between each student.

Parizeau holds a DEC in Multimedia from André Grasset College, Montreal, Canada, and a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design from York University, Toronto, Canada. Additionally, Parizeau is a HEA associate fellow (AFHEA), which demonstrates a personal commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education. He was also a member of the International Association of Typographic Designer (ISTD), and for several years on the ISTD international competition judging committee.

Contact: For commissions and inquiries, contact Alain’s studio—Public Works, at


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