✺ What do you call that feeling of growing familiar with the unfamiliar? 


When we started playing with the Eastern performance arts theory of ‘Rasa’ as a storytelling tool, we explored it beyond the classical explanation describing pure emotions and got into in-between feelings that are more true to our times. It got us inspired to explore these so-so emotions through a T-shirt series. We used faces of traditional bharatanātyam performers nodding to the Rasa theory origins in the first century BCE performance arts treatise Nrtyashāstra. 


The expression of this traditional performer brings about a strangely familiar feeling. It’s the one that you feel every time someone asks you how things are going. This emotion is particularly pronounced if it’s someone you better associated with before the world shutdown. It comes from somewhere between that no-longer-new uncertainty and that comforting realisation that you’re going to continue life despite it being so bleh. It’s an in-between emotion you feel barely for a moment before you shrug in response or say something like ‘doing okay’. Coincidentally, we think these T-shirts depict the mood that kicked off 2022. It’s a mood that combines perplexity with familiarity. You still don’t quite know what’s going on, but you’re strangely alright with that.


✺ Screen-printed T Shirts, made to order.
✺ DM to purchase. S, M, L, XL sizes. 
✺ LKRs. 3500


2022 Rasa T-shirt

  • (Inches) Chest Height
    XS 18" 25"
    S 19" 26"
    M 20" 27"
    L 21" 28"
    XL 22" 29"
    XXL 23 30"