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“I see one vast garden spread out all over the universe. All plants, all human beings, all higher mind bodies are about in this garden in various ways and forms, each in its own uniqueness and beauty.” – Anandamayi


Anandamayi was an Indian saint whose spiritual path was defined by the practice of love and joyfulness. Her name—chosen by Ānandamayi herself during the self-initiation into a spiritual journey—translates to ‘joy permeated’. Even before this self-initiation, throughout her childhood and teenage years, Ananadamayi was seen by many in a divine light. Some early stories that fed the idea of her sainthood involved incidents like children instinctively calling her ‘Ma’ (meaning ‘mother’) and those removed from the common human reality—like the mentally ill or the intoxicated— spontaneously touching her feet in reverence. What struck us about Anandamayi Ma and her teachings is how she pointed to love as a path to understanding, and joy as a viewpoint towards truth.  


We created these screen-printed T-shirts of Anandamayi as part of a series featuring some of our favourite sages. A ‘sage’—a relentless pursuer of knowledge and truth—is one of the archetypes in Jungian psychology that we use for storytelling. The sage archetype is special to us as a business because it’s one of the two primary archetypes shaping Public Works. This T-shirt series featuring some iconic sages is a homage to all inquiring minds looking to understand this world a little better.

Anandamayi: Screen-printed Tshirt