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Raudra rasa—the elemental mood of ‘fury’ identified in the eastern aesthetic theory of rasa—is an interesting one. We explored raudra rasa in our June monthly story and looked at its spectrum of emotions from frustration and anger to full-blown fury. This satisfying image of an angry woman breaking a clay pot on the village sleazebag’s head is as funny as it is retributive. It evokes raudra with hāsya rasa (comic) and it’s one of our favourite prints. 


It comes from Bandula Harischandra’s Nidhānaya (The Treasure) comic story involving a village love triangle, a secret treasure chest of gold, murder and a sacrificial baby (we’re not making this up). 


That’s why when we met Bandula Harischandra at his home, we asked for special permission from him to reproduce and resell this particular image. It’s now part of our screen-printed poster series.

A4 screen-printed original in 17.5” W x 24.5” H mahogany frame

Angry Nangi; Framed screen-printed art