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To purchase — WhatsApp +94 777 647 096 or DM us on Instagram. 

These T-shirts depict the mood that kicked off 2022. It’s a mood that combines perplexity with familiarity. You still don’t quite know what’s going on, but you’re strangely alright with that.

This T-shirt is the first of a series exploring so-so moods. We’re playing with the Eastern performance arts theory of ‘Rasa’ as a storytelling tool, and exploring it beyond the classical explanation. This means we’re mixing pure emotions, to get into in-between feelings that are more true to our times. We used faces of traditional Bharatanātyam performers nodding to the Rasa theory origins in the first century BCE performance arts treatise Nrtyashāstra.


* Each is printed by hand. This is why every print is unique and slightly different from all others, and each carries marks of being made by human hands.

Casually perplexed: screen-printed T-shirts

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