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Curuppumullagē Jinarajadāsa was a Sri Lankan writer, occultist, freemason and theosophist. Jinarajadasa discovered theosophy when he went to England to study by one of the early pioneers of the Theosophical Society. Jinarajadāsa later became the society’s president. 


His work on theosophy had a powerful appeal, particularly to people who found their role denied in conventional religions and some influential intellectuals of the age—like Oscar Wilde, W. B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Frank Lloyd Wright, Katherine Mansfield, Aldous Huxley, and Christopher Isherwood.


Jinarajadāsa published over fifty books and 1600 articles in periodicals on subjects ranging from art, religion, philosophy, literature and occult. Jinarajadasa’s linguistic prowess was quite impressive; he wrote in several European languages and even lectured in some. 


Jinarajadāsa never stopped writing until his death; even when he travelled the world, he always carried his portable writing desk, believing that recording intuition and insight was his foremost duty to humankind—something we resonate very closely with.


We created these screen-printed T-shirts of Jinarajadasa as part of a series featuring some of our favourite sages. A ‘sage’—a relentless pursuer of knowledge and truth—is one of the archetypes in Jungian psychology that we use for storytelling. The sage archetype is special to us as a business because it’s one of the two primary archetypes shaping Public Works. This T-shirt series featuring some iconic sages is a homage to all inquiring minds looking to understand this world a little better.

Jinarajadāsa: Screen-printed Tshirt