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We think this is Upali Ananda's most remarkable work ever produced. He's a pretty well-known artist in Sri Lanka, and from all his published works—this is the one true masterpiece. Painted on 2.3" thick wood as a diptych, there's a lucidity about it that none of his other known works carry. This also brings us to its symbolism. 

Do you believe in signs? And that everything carries energy in it, that influences you? This painting is alive. Ever since it came to our space, it took absolute command of it, and of us. It was virtually impossible to place any other piece anywhere near it, without tipping the whole space out of balance (except a miniature goddess of creativity—Saraswati—that this power pair seemed to welcome). Everything from the bold primary and secondary colours, its archetypal subject matter, and the sheer size (5'x4') demanded a wall to itself, alone. And from that place of absolute domination—it started to influence our lives. The King of Spades (~tarot swords) is symbolic of intelligence, communication, professionalism—a very high tarot representation of the order and structure of masculine energy—a force that pushed our work lives to centre around communication and intellectual property and flourish. The Queen of Hearts (~tarot cups) is a powerful symbol of feminine energy and its ability to hold the world in its heart. She is the capacity to bear others' pain despite your own undercurrent of darkness; it influenced one of the most trying times of our lives as new parents.

This is one of the most incredible living art pieces that we've encountered.

5' L x 4' W on 2.3" thick wood

King and queen: painted and carved wooden diptych