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 “Waking up before the dawn, carrying the basket, the potter fares to the place-of-clay. After cleaning the basket and the place-of-clay, he worships his guardian god. Wearing only the loin-cloth, and gladly taking the basket in hand he goes down into the pit; Not breaking the two sides, he digs the clay from the middle and fills the basket.


Breaking up the clay, he takes a yoke-load and heaps in the potter’s yard. Separating the pieces of clay, he spreads them in the sun. After having dried the clay, and removed the stones, he pounds in the mortar and windows it. Taking up the water, he makes the powder into balls of clay. Taking up the balls of clay and putting one upon the other, he covers them with leaves.


Three days after, he divides them into three and kneads them again. Sprinkling the finest sand and water, he kneads again.
After kneading, he makes them into rounded balls again, and makes a heap again.


He’ll take them up in three days again.”


- 1907, A potter’s song from Mediaeval Sinhalese Arts by A. K. Coomaraswamy. Pantheon Books, New York with the patronage of the Government of Ceylon.

We love these large earthenware bowls part natural brown and part glazed in serene white. Their simplicity and generous proportions are what make them so lovely. The vibrancy of fruits and vegetables come out beautifully in these. Even when left empty, their simple beauty comes through, bringing a sense of serene openness to tabletops and counters where you place them.

W 13” x H 4.75”


Serenity: earthenware bowls