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No one knows exactly how old the practice of lighting incense is; but, it probably goes as far back as when humans first started spiritual rituals. Most commonly made using grains of resins mixed with spices and sprinkled on lighted charcoal contained in a censer, or thurible, incense was at the heart of the beginnings of the worldwide spice trade. Incense-bearing trees were imported from the Arabian and Somali coasts into ancient Egypt, while Ceylon cinnamon was found listed as an ingredient in one of the oldest known incense recipes from a Hebrew bible. In Sri Lanka—with its multicultural and multireligious settings, many insects that need to be repelled from households and popular beliefs on dispelling evil through fragrances—incense burning has been part of everyday life for several thousand years.


We discovered these enormous five hour burning incense sticks from the local incense manufacturer Lanka Sumedha. We were definitely intrigued by the size, as much as the name ‘Smart Giant’. You’ve probably encountered Smart Giant’s younger and better-known sibling ‘Little Giant’, easily found in shops near temples or supermarkets, and lasting an hour. But, the Smart Giant is really something else. We tried one pack and it is legit, with the stick lasting five full hours in still air. According to Lanka Sumedha, these massive sticks are hand rolled here in Sri Lanka and made with a blend of odoriferous resins, gums, spices and essential oils. They also certify it as 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and Ozone friendly.


✺ This pack of 10 contains 5hr burning incense sticks. 

Smart Giant incense

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