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Solitude is a place you always carry inside. Even in the company of others—no, especially in the company of others—you find it unfolding in your mind, like a landscape stretching into the horizon, the one true sanctuary made in this process of life.

This framed art is by Dhammika Perera—Sri Lankan artist and teacher at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo. Dhammika made this woodblock print inspired by the sense of solitude seen among commuters in public transport during the daily travels between his home near the Kitulgala village and work in Colombo. Dhammika noticed how, in the densely occupied spaces within public transport, people tended to float away into their personal mind spaces and find solitude. We particularly like the way he uses color and form to visualize the solitude formed in the company of strangers.


23” W x 17” H original woodblock print with mahogany frame.

Solitude : framed woodblock art

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