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Truth and Story, the eternal sisters, went walking on a beautiful day; the flowers were many and the trees were glad of the sun’s generous rays. 


They sang songs, each beating their drum, and Truth asked Story, “Whose singing is more beautiful?” Story said, “let’s find out; each will sing alone and we’ll know the answer soon.” 


Truth went first; Her drum beats rang through the village carrying her lone song. The villagers pricked up their ears, uncomfortable at first; but soon they shouted to stop. Desperate, Truth stopped beating her drum, stripped naked and sang alone. This time, the villagers ran to their homes and slammed their windows and doors.


Truth ran back to her sister, weeping; “Oh Story, what did I do wrong?”


“Come Truth,” said Story; “It’s not your song. It’s not even your tune. Truth is just too much for ordinary ears and minds—especially the naked truth. Now wear my cloak and let’s sing the same song; you’ll see how they love you.”


So, the sisters walked back to the village, Truth in Story’s cloak; together they started to play their drums and sing their old song. 


Little by little the people gathered around to listen. Some laughed, some cried. Some clapped and whistled. 


In the end, all the people understood the truth in the story—the meaning between the words, the lesson, the pearl. 


That day, Truth learnt the power of Story. 


✺ Framed art by Dhammika Perera—Sri Lankan artist and teacher at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo. 

✺ 24” L x 19” W original woodblock print with painted mahogany frame.

Truth and story: Framed woodblock art