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Meaningful content

We’ve learned that stories designed to make customers happy, solve a problem, or provide a basic need; are more likely to be meaningful and effective.

When we write content for a business, whether it be for a website or social media we are giving context to data. We are humanizes information with emotions and desires. We are writing stories about your business, which frames it in a way that is meaningful to your customers.

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Create content worth their attention.

FAQs / What kind of content can we commission Public Works to take on?

We work on stories that are standalone projects and yearly contracts. For example, standalone projects can: a short film series, a design for social media to promote the launch of a product collection, a website to drive direct sales, or it could be educational content to build customer loyalty. Whereas longer contracts can be: populating a blog with on-brand timeless stories or creating weekly content for your social media channels. Long-term clients usually benefit from personalized storytelling tools to help their team achieve business goals.

FAQs / What’s your process for creating content?

No matter what format or business, our process always starts with a conversation about who’s telling this story; we build a brand articulation framework (BAF) with all stakeholders involved. This gives us a brand persona—whether your business is you or a group of people—we use a BAF to identify an appropriate voice to narrate the story. This initial process of figuring out the brand persona is short; but, it has make-or-break significance.

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Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"We've been working with Public Works for a long time now! Their level of enthusiasm and expertise is unrivalled. Public Works can handle a wide variety of projects ranging from content creation to design. We have always been amazed with their ability to take on the exact personality of their clients/brands."

The social and cultural act of sharing stories. Sometimes with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment—uses fact and narrative to communicate something to an audience.

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