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Reading list, October 2023


This reading list explores published ideas, artistic expressions, characters, and business channelling the Creator archetype in adbūtam rasa.

Tell us how these stories made you feel, and where they lead your thinking. We’d love to know.



Archetype → Creator

Rasa → Adbūtham


October 2023

Artistic expressions channelling archetype in rasa

  • Seylon Stills’s "Laki's Birds" was inspired by nature and the random sounds that come about to make a beautiful soundscape.

  • In his Los Angeles cactus garden, artist Klaus Rinke’s philosophy roots his living sculptures; presented by Nowness

  • The epic life of a world-class artist, jammed into six minutes; narrated by Tom Waits, and presented by Bonjour Supermarché

Published ideas of archetype in rasa

  • The groundbreaking psychedelic dub of African Head Charge, by Andy Beta

  • Among Friends, by Carole Naggar

  • “Sleep” by Ted Spagna; where science meets art, a photo book of humans in their most vulnerable state, by Lauren Espeseth, for Cool Hunting. 

Characters channelling archetype in rasa

  • William Miller - "Almost Famous" (2000); William is a young music journalist who goes on tour with a rock band, documenting their experiences and creative process.

  • Brahma (Hindu Mythology) - Brahma is one of the principal deities of Hinduism and is considered the creator of the universe, using his creative power to shape and organize the world.

  • Willy Wonka (Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") - Willy Wonka is an eccentric and inventive chocolatier who showcases his artistic and imaginative approach to candy-making.

Channelling the archetype in rasa for business

  • Quasi skateboards (originally called Mother-Collective) skate videos and merchandise

  • Never Still” campaign; RIMOWA is known for its innovative and iconic luggage designs. 

  • Prada presents Prada FW23 Collection

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